About Us

I have always loved all things classical Disney, my particular favourite is The Lion King (who doesn’t like it)!. So after setting a date to get married, myself and my future husband discussed the idea of having a ‘Disney-esque’ wedding reception, tasteful but still traditional.. he agreed (luckily for him) and the planning began. We trolled through Pintrest and Google images and came across some beautiful Disney weddings, however they were a bit too lavish and novelty for what we were would prefer. We still wanted the traditional wedding but to inject a little hint of Disney in a stylish and tasteful manner… we couldn’t find anything suitable and felt a bit disheartened.

Hang on.. we are both creative people how about we make our own Disney centrepieces, taking generic objects from our favourite Disney classics to capture the essence of the film in a glass fishbowl!..it would certainly be a talking point for the guests on the table. The more we thought about it the more creative we became, striving to keep them tasteful at all times. We handmade a mini magic carpet for Aladdin, designed a living jungle scene for The Jungle Book, added up-lighting, downlighting and lids to keep them all enclosed.

On the big day we set them up in our reception venue and were amazed how great and unique they looked on the dressed tables. We had compliments from the venue and photographer, a commercial interest from our chair cover lady and so many comments from our guests. They helped to make our day special and memorable for our guests.

Having received all this positive feedback we realised that so many people may want this type of Disney centrepiece, keeping the class and tradition to their wedding reception but wanting to inject some fun and a hint of Disney into their celebrations. We have put so much love into them we would like to share them with other couples and would love to get making some more for loved up couples who share our passion for the Disney classics!